Flexifusions Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) system aims to level the electronic debit order collection playing field by creating an equal opportunity for businesses large or small, to collect funds from their debtors. The NAEDO payment instruction allows for the debit order to be presented multiple times should the original tr ansaction be unsuccessful.
NAEDO credit tracking for 3 days will ensure maximum strike rate on your clients account improving the likelihood of successful collections, this makes the NAEDO system superior to the basic debit order. Flexifusions offers a complete secure online debit order portal available to businesses large or small, therefore your business is enabled to collect recurring payments from your customers bank accounts electronically, without the administrative time-consuming factors and the recurring manual process. The Flexifusions debit order system is web based which enables the user to optimally manage their debit order book at their convenience.

The Flexifusions Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) system is available to approved
businesses, it allows for efficient debit order processing. The NAEDO system can be integrated with your accounting system, allowing for the processing and reconciliation to be e ffortless.



Improved Successful Collections

NAEDO credit tracking for up to 32 days may be implemented, therefore should a debtor receive funds in their account within the allocated tracking period, the debit order amount will immediately be debited to honor the transaction.

Account Validation

Account holder validation allows you to validate the authenticity of the natural person or legal entity claiming to be the holder of a specific bank account. This is done by verifying the person’s identity number or business registration number against the specified bank account.

Efficient Processing and Reconciliation

NAEDO payment instructions are random giving all users equal opportunity of receiving payments, these payments are presented as early as possible on the requested debit order date, improving the collection rate. The system reconciliation is obtained immediately on successful or unsuccessful payments, immediate tracking is invoked on the account should the initial payment presentation have been unsuccessful.

Reduced Administration Time and Costs

Utilizing the many features of the system greatly reduces the administrative cost and time. Reduced collection fees are possible due to the improved success rate on collections should businesses implement the NAEDO debit order system.

Cash Flow Management

Businesses control the date of receipt of funds into its account, unlike waiting for customer payments or cancellations. Receive the cleared funds in the business account on a known date increasing the cash flow and improving the financial forecast.


Flexifusions deal with all major participating banks. These banks all f orm part of the debit order collection service.