Flexifusions authenticated early debit order (AEDO) system is best suited to businesses with
walk-in clients that are typically applying for loans, asse t purchases or insurance premiums. Clients are able to electronically authorize future dated deductions from their bank accounts. Mandates are registered on a mobile or tabletop device at the point of sale, these devices are
supplied by Flexifusions.

The AEDO debit order system and mandates are supported by many banks, the mandates are registered on the AEDO database by using the client’s card and PI N authorization to validate the transaction.
The AEDO system as with the NAEDO system allows for you to opt in on t he credit tracking functionality for up t o 32 days, this feature greatly increases the chance of successful collections, for up t o 32 days the tracking allows for the collection to be done as soon as t he debtor receives funds.


Improved Successful Collections

Credit tracking for up to 32 days may be implemented, therefore should a debtor receive funds in their account within the allocated tracking period, the debit order amount will immediately be debited to honor the transaction.

Risk Mitigation

Making use of the AEDO system implicates that an electronic mandate is registered, and the authorization is complete, therefore disputes are virtually impossible.

Reduced Fees and Fraud Risk

Utilizing the AEDO system greatly reduces the administrative cost and cash handling fees. Should the merchant utilize the AEDO system for his collections, the risk of fraud would be substantially reduced.