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PASA Registered
PSSF RegNo: B00014 / MFSA RegNo: 5530

Registration Requirements

Flexifusions registration process is completed online and your application and service agreement will be forwarded on completion.

Our Service Agreement has no fixed time and allows you the flexibility to discontinue the service at any time.

Flexifusions account provides online web based access to the range of services which provide you the ability to exercise control and management of your debtors/creditors effectively.

As there are no additional software applications required on your system, there will be no monthly service fee.

Our service currently consists of:
-EFT Payments (PAAF - Payment Against Avaliable Funds)
-Debit Order Collections
-AHV (Account Holder Verification)

There are no lengthy application times for a Flexifusions account. Implementation of the service can be automatically done in a couple of hours (subject to bank registration of your personal identification on client's bank statements, this process can take 3-4 days).