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PASA Registered
PSSF RegNo: B00014 / MFSA RegNo: 5530

Naedos Debit


-User can do Account Holder Validation (AHV) on any of their clients, new or existing.
-Signed agreement with Flexi Payment Solution
-The user can select a account tracking period of a number of days for example 3 - 7 -21 etc. Each day will result in multiple presentations of the debit order to the account.
-Each Bank uses their own defined rules as to the number of presentations of the debit to the account until funds are available to complete the transaction successfully.
-The debit order instruction may be captured via FLEXI PS website.
-The debit order instruction can also be canceled. The user as part of his business practice, should encourage all clients who expect to have insufficient funds in their account on transaction due date, to request changes in time to avoid transaction failure.

-Should there be insufficient funds in the account then the debit order payment instruction will be represented during the tracking period selected by the Merchant for entries.
Should sufficient funds become available in the account during the tracking period the transaction will be successful.

-If during the tracking period the account has insufficient funds the debit order instruction will be returned as unsuccessful.
-Once an active debit order is in the tracking System, it can be recalled, for example: 7 day tracking, the debit order can be recalled from day two.
-FLEXI PS submits these debit order payment instructions one day before transaction date to enable BankServ to process these debits on time.


Irrespective of any claims made by other Payment Systems made in the market, NAEDO’s Debit Order can be reversed by a client by means of a signed dispute form handed in at their bank.
This can be done at any time within 40 days after being transacted successfully. Whether the system is WEB Based or pin based, a NAEDO transaction is subjected to disputes and no NAEDO transaction is irreversible.