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PASA Registered
PSSF RegNo: B00014 / MFSA RegNo: 5530


    -Transaction warehousing - Central data base
    -Transactions with variable dates
    -Payment Instructions with multiple installments
WEB Based reporting
    -No dedicated software or specialized training required. Being internet based, the system can be accessed from anywhere with a secure internet connection and web browser. Not needing a dedicated computer means you can run your debit orders from anywhere, even at home, since there is no uploading of files necessary. It also means no costly support calls for specialized software The WEB BASED reports enable the user to track the progress of the transaction through the following stages:
    -Successful Submitted by FLEXI Payment Solutions to the Financial Institutions
    -Future transaction to be submitted by FLEXI Payment Solutions to the Financial Institutions
    -Successful Transactions
    -Failed Transactions and disputes (Notification via sms to a pre-defined cell number)
    -Canceled Transactions
The WEB BASED reports are also a valuable means of forecasting and assisting with the management of exceptions.
    -WEB Based editor
The WEB Editor enables the user to make changes to the Payment Instruction before FLEXI Payment Solutions uploads the transactions to the Financial Institutions.
Allowable changes includes:
    -Account Number
    -Account Type
    -Branch Code
    -Date of Transaction
    -Cancellation of future payments
A judicial use of the key features of the FLEXI Payment Solutions solution will enable the user to operate a flexible client friendly servicePayment Solutions.
The FLEXI PS WEBSITE is a secure website.
On becoming a FLEXI Payment Solutions user, a user code and password is issued, enabling the user to access to their own information.
Multiple staff can be issued with user codes and passwords with limited or full viewing rights.
The WEBSITE contains an audit trail which enables users to track changes.