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PASA Registered
PSSF RegNo: B00014 / MFSA RegNo: 5530

ACB/EFT (Automatic Clearing Bureau)

This is an inexpensive debit method for recurring income via debit orders.
Clients sign a commitment for a fixed amount of money to be transferred from their bank account to the Company's bank account.
This is a 2 (two) day service.
You will be required to process and authorize your debit orders two and a half working days prior to the requested action(deduction) date.
Debit orders can only be processed on a working day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

Notifications of process and unpaid entries are provided to you as part of our extended services.
We receive unpaid data information in real time and these are processed on our system; you will be notified via sms (if you subscribe to this service).

EFT Payments
Flexifusions EFT payments (PAAF - Payment against available funds) can be processed on any working day, Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.
Batches can be post-dated.
Same day Value, you will be required to process and authorize your payemnts before 11 am on the date you want payment to be made.
The payment value will reflect in the beneficiary account the same day.