Flexible Transactional Solutions

Gain control of your cashflow and accelerate cash inflows with our customisable cash management solutions

What Value Can Flexifusions Add To Your Business

Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Debit order solutions for all industries no matter what the size
Process debit orders anytime and anywhere
No fixed contracts, user friendly month to month service agreements
Comprehensive end user reporting with daily push notifications

Basic Debit Order Process


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Flexifusions provides a starter pack to enable you to setup your cash management solution

Payment Agreement

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Payment Agreement

Your customers sign a mandate, which permits an account debit or recurring payment collection authority.


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The Flexifusions platform will collect monies from your customers on the dates and frequencies that you have agreed with them

Deposit and Report

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Deposit and Report

The funds are deposited, same day value into your nominated bank account, comprehensive reporting is available on your user profile.

Why Choose Flexifusions?

We work with our clients to help increase their cash flow and improve collections, while saving them time and money.

Planning and Integration

The flexibility of the Flexifusions system allows for easy automation of the entire debtor’s process this allows you to request a payment, reconcile, monitor, and efficiently plan. Should the need arise Flexifusions will be able to assist with the integration of the debit order system with your existing software system or accounting solution.


Debit orders are processed on specified days, allowing you to expect the money in your bank account on certain days, therefore increasing your cash flow controls. This enables you to prioritize and budget more effectively. Save the hassle of waiting on debtor payments and the extreme frustration on the follow up communication, hearing the excuses. Ensure you get paid on due dates, improving controls allowing you more time to focus on your business essentials.

Monitoring and Efficiency

Essential to most businesses is, time well spent! Replacing valuable time and the irritation of collecting funds, with time spent focusing on the key elements of your business, will undoubtedly improve your business efficiency and the bottom line. Do not ignore the benefits of an automated debit order system, it will save you time, money and above all frustration in dealing with debtors.

Cost Saving and Convenience

Debit orders are a cost-effective solution, dealing with cash management and controls are expensive, credit card fees are exorbitant. Paperless transacting removes the office clutter, this can be achieved by making use of the online e-mandate that clients can sign electronically.

Risk Mitigation

Cash handling is unnecessary and places all parties at risk. It is essential to mitigate risk and to minimize the use of cash. Debit orders are done electronically and eliminate the need for cash transactions. Similarly, payments can also be facilitated electronically via the Flexifusions payment system.

  • We here at RRM Security are very satisfied with the service we receive from Flexifusions. We always get our Pay and notifications on time and accurately. The system is very user friendly and I have no problem to load a new client or debit order. If I do have a question, my emails are answered quickly and in a friendly manner. The staff is very efficient and helpful even over the phone. We are incredibly happy with the excellent service we receive.

    RRM Security

  • My company has been with FlexiFusions since 2015 and we have developed a great work relationship during the years. I have never had a problem which wasn’t sorted out and their dedication to our company is evident in all aspects. We have tried working with a similar company in the past but went back to FlexiFusions within one month and will never look back again. Excellent service…always!

    Chas Everitt Rustenburg

  • At Kgosi cash we are very happy with your service. We have been with your company for about 5 years and the service has always been great. Your ladies are always there for us and provide the best service. Thank you for everything.

    Kgosi Cash Loan

  • Hereby I would like to thank the Flexifusions team for the exceptional and honest service we have received over the past 7 years. I would recommend Flexifusions for having the best service in the debit order industry and we are pleased to have them as our solutions partner going forward.

    Ayoba Finance (Pty) Ltd - Leeudoringstad

  • We use the Flexifusions system in different ways. First, to collect donations from people, secondly to collect accommodation fees from residents. The system gives us very accurate information from whom we can expect payments. The summary of the payments works very well and makes the allocation of the income very easy.



Flexifusions provides the following solutions to customers


An inexpensive debit method for recurring income via debit orders. This debit order is a 2-day service and is presented to the client’s bank once, returning as a successful or unsuccessful transaction.


  • Real time notifications on transactions
  • Can be notified by sms on results, if opted into this service
  • Debit orders can be processed 2 days in advance, prior to 12h00 of the required action date - These transactions are processed on any business day Monday to Friday

LIMITS: R1 million per transaction

EFT Payments (PAAF)

EFT payments (PAAF – payment against available funds) can be processed to multiple third party accounts as batches for convenience and management purposes.


  • These transactions are processed on any business day Monday to Friday - Same day value can be done if transactions are processed before 11h00
  • Batches can be post-dated


Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order

NAEDO debit order is a preferential order that is presented to participating banks, creating an equal opportunity to collect funds. It is presented early morning on the selected date, should the transaction not be successful it has polling settings allowing for the debit order to be presented multiple times daily and for a period of 1 up to 32 days. 


  • AHV- Account holder verification can be done on any clients
  • User may select multiple days for polling, 1 to 32 days
  • Transactions are presented one day before action date, to allow BankServ to process these debits
  • Same day value on receipt of successful debit order
  • Detailed reporting on complete transactional timeline

LIMITS: R30 000 per transaction


Authenticated Early Debit Order

AEDO is a debit order which mandates are registered using a card and pin to validate the transaction.


  • Tracking is available for 32 days; this greatly increases the chance of successful collections
  • Authenticated debit order through an electronic mandate and therefore disputes are virtually impossible


Authenticated Collection

DebiCheck is a new debit order that is electronically confirmed by the client, with their bank or service provider, on a once-off basis, at the start of a new contract that they have signed with your company.


  • This allows for upfront authentication mandates
  • Debicheck provides you with less disputes and unpaid debit orders


Account holder validation allows you to validate the authenticity of the natural person or legal entity claiming to be the holder of a specific bank account. This is done by verifying the person’s identity number (ID) or business registration number against the specified bank account.


  • Allows for pre-validation on your potential client’s risk. No time wasting with unsuccessful debit orders and unpleasantries


The integration of your current system with the Flexifusions debit order system can be done by our expert programmers. This application programming interface is a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data making the workflow more flexible and seamless. The integration allows the integrated system to complete the debit order processing and subsequent transactional reconciliation without the human factor.


  • Personlisation and efficiency are the main benefits of having the system integration implemented in your business, the subsequent effect is better service delivery and reporting capabilities enhancing your business management experience.

About Flexifusions

Flexifusions is determined to be the leading Company in customer centric implementation of flexible business transactional solutions.

This has been the driving force in our vision to support and assist our current and new clients to manage their “working capital” effectively.

With this in mind we have gone about expanding our team and we are excited to announce that we are now joined by a national team of Flexifusions consultants with a combined relative industry experience of more than 100 years.

Flexifusions main business strategy encompasses the formulation of innovative customer implementations paired with exceptional customer service.

Flexifusions offers bespoke debit and credit management products that accelerate customer cash inflows and payments. Our secure platform allows clients to seamlessly manage, report and integrate business critical transactions.

Our robustly designed and tested user-friendly system is widely used by organisations of all different sizes in various industries such as Education, Membership Institutions, Security Companies, and many other Services Industries.

Contact us today to find out how our expert team can help you to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs?

Our Accreditation's

Flexifusions holds the following accreditations:

PASA (Payment Association of South Africa)
RegNo: S00024
PSSF (Payment System Stakeholder Forum)
RegNo: B00014
MFSA (Micro Finance South Africa)
RegNo: 5530

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